Functional stuff

  • Unicode lookup/search tool - browse around and search for Unicode characters, see properties, transformations.
  • Arbitrary LaTeX reference - a summary of things figured out about LaTeX
  • PHPLatex - rendering LaTeX within web pages. (made for the above)
  • Helpful - a wiki with various notes that might prove useful
  • duppy - duplicate file finder, by incremental content, which saves a lot of reading if you have a lot of large mostly-unique files.
  • and other
    log follower that avoids binaries,
    du-alike with nicer output,
    CPU+IO renicer,
    stracer of iowait-ing processes,
    recent-file finder, that sort of thing

Playthings here, or alluded to

  • colors - definitions from various sources, searchable.
  • Image tool - collects from feeds, plays with filters from FFT, to color analysis, to image fingerprinting, to object detection, to edge tracing to play in a sandbox.
    Status: ongoing timesuck. Will open some tools/code from this.
  • image screensaver, fade-and-pan, queries images from the mentioned image tool.
    Status: needs packaging. And real hosting.
  • related strings - based on a feature I wrote for a search engine.
    Status: Needs more data, nom nom.
  • Morpheme decomposer - says that omphaloskepsis is the contemplation of one's navel.
    I just wanted to see how insane building a regexp-based parser would be.
  • Phonetic-character translation
    Status: worked for a paper. Poke me if interested in this.
  • RQL tool
    Status: Can't use anymore.
  • Monkey
  • Python animated compressed GIF creator
    Status: GIF logic mostly done, LZW compression mostly done. Needs integration and final cleansing rewrite.