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Closer hits

green brown overtonesxkcd bulk royal blue with purple overtonesxkcd bulk light green with grey overtonexkcd bulk bright blue with some purple overtonesxkcd bulk red with pink undertonesxkcd bulk red with blue undertonesxkcd bulk pink with blue undertonesxkcd bulk purple with red undertonesxkcd bulk grey with purple undertonesxkcd bulk Overt GreenSherwin Williams green with yellow undertonesxkcd bulk covert tanISCC via grey with a pink undertonexkcd bulk covert grayISCC via

Further hits

Sticks & StonesSherwin Williams warm (red undertone) purplexkcd bulk gray with blue tonesxkcd bulk dark covert grayISCC via purple with a blue undertonexkcd bulk covert brownISCC via overtly bluexkcd bulk red with brown tonesxkcd bulk grey with green tonesxkcd bulk green with blue tonesxkcd bulk pinkertonxkcd bulk